Security threats are real

Does your human performance vendor adhere to cyber security frameworks and certifications or is it simply lip service?

We’re proud to be ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certified. These independent certifications mean you can trust us to take security and data privacy very seriously and to continuously improve our controls against security threats.

Dedicated to secure development practices that align with our secure-by-design philosophy

At the highest level of our information security framework, security means we care about good governance, privacy, compliance and assurance. We develop our products with the security and privacy of our customers and users in mind and our security standards are continually strengthened to adhere to the latest in military grade standards.


24×7 threat monitoring and alerting

Data backups compressed then encrypted to ensure they cannot be compromised

Robust backup systems with full backup encryption to ensure maximum data redundancy

Full encryption on all data​ in transit and at rest

Infrastructure controls to meet Impact Level 4 (IL4) requirements

Data Privacy & Compliance

Smartabase allows you to securely capture, store, analyse, share and understand the human performance data that is important to you. When that data falls under one or more data protection laws, Fusion Sport aims to give users the tools they need to meet compliance requirements with confidence.

The governing bodies behind these data protection laws have the expectation that data will be managed strictly according to their regulations as part of a wider cyber security program that also prioritizes good corporate governance and effective cyber security controls. Our Security Framework considers these laws, industry best practices and standards as summarized below.

Talk to our dedicated security & systems administrations team

Smartabase is governed by a clear framework to consolidate the many compliance requirements, system procedures and data management practices that is overseen by our skilled project delivery experts and dedicated security team, and reflected throughout our organization. In addition to our frameworks and processes detailed above our team are happy to talk to your IT and security departments, provide you with more information on security policies, perform customer audits and assist with data protection impact assessments (DPIA).