Straight line sprinting is a common metric assessment for any sport. With Smartspeed you can run up to 19 gates in one timing lane for split timing, and up to 8 lanes of timing at the same time with Smartspeed Pro. Free timing mode also allows you to create custom courses and break the gates in any order, for more sport specific timed tests. Time any drill imaginable with market leading accuracy and reliability.

Pro agility/reactive pro agility drills

Pro agility drills measure an athletes’ ability to come to a full stop and quickly change direction. Also known as the 5-10-5 shuttle is a popular test of planned agility used in many sports. The protocol involves one gate per track and with Smartspeed Pro up to 10 tracks can be run at the same time from one mobile phone or tablet. The athlete starts at the gate, runs to a cone, back through the gate, to another one and back through the gate again to finish.

The next progression is reactive agility. Similar set up to pro agility however 3 gates are needed the player will stand in the middle of the middle gate ( in – beam start) and react to which ever gates lights up and run in that direction to break the beam. This was first added to the NBA draft combine in 2018 and is now a standard drill every year.

Cut drills

The purpose of cut drills is to transition from planned to unplanned change of direction movements. There are different variations on the drill depending on the number of gates available to you. Reactive cut drills are a fantastic progression towards game specific speed, and for developing reaction time, peripheral vision, and leg power. Endless variations are possible by introducing defenders, balls and other game specific scenarios. Ideal for progressive return to play protocols and rehabilitation from lower limb injuries.


Grid drills

Our patented grid drill involves multiple reactive movements and changes of direction to test and train agility, peripheral vision and skills. Grid drills range from single player challenges to drills involving whole teams.

In the grid, a player must react to and chase a designated light colour and either complete as many breaks as possible in a given time or complete a designated number of breaks as quickly as possible. They can also be used as tool for Athletic Trainers and S&C coaches to monitor a player’s return to play.

Reactive Drills | FC Barcelona

See how FC Barcelona utilised the Smartspeed Pro system with Andres Iniesta to treat his LCL injury late last year. With this 360 degree reactive agility grid drill the performance staff were able to measure whether Iniesta was able to return to play.

Football Specific Training | Atletico de Madrid

Atletico de Madrid utilise the Smartspeed Pro timing gate system incorporating unplanned change of direction movements and increased competitiveness between players during their training sessions.

Shuttle Run - Reactive Pro Agility | NBA Draft Combine

The Reactive Shuttle Run tests a players change of direction, speed from a static position, body control and reaction time. The drill is setup using the 16 feet of the key, with three Smartspeed gates placed 8 feet apart.

40 yard Dash | CFL Combine

40 yard dash Daniel Petermann of McMaster University run a 4.54s sprint to take out the fastest time that year.

Reactive Cut Drill | ESPN Sport Science

NBA Draft is put through his paces using a Smartspeed Reactive Cutting Drill. Speed with and without ball is tested in a reactive change of direction situation, and the results show why wall is so fast on the court.


Visit our Youtube channel for more examples of Smartspeed in action.