Because running a training
session should be easy

Remember the days of writing down times and hand-jamming them into Excel? No thanks. The Smartspeed app and free Smartspeed online portal make testing and training so easy you won’t believe it. Sync your team lists from the cloud, set up your gates, run your testing and send your results back to the cloud seamlessly. Choose from multiple running modes, results displays, and an endless range of testing and training drills. All gate setup, diagnostics and battery checks in your hand so that you never have any surprises.


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One Way
The athlete must run from the start gate and run through the remaining gates in order from start to finish, breaking each gate only once. This is what you would use for a standard speed test such as a 20m straight sprint or an agility test where the start and finish are in different places.
Free Timing
Free Timing mode means you can use any test logic and athletes can run through the gates in whichever order you like. Each gate may be broken multiple times and it can be different for different gates.
Pro Agility
The Pro Agility test is a pre-programmed 5-10-5 agility drill. The athlete will start in line with the beam and complete the desired route. The system will record this time automatically after the athlete has completed the route.
Force Velocity Profile
The Force Velocity Profiling protocol simply takes split times, along with height, mass and some environmental conditions to produce a full profile of the athlete’s force, velocity, power and some key relationships between those variables.