Fusion Sport are a true software company so we don’t just build hardware and then send you on your way.

The Smartspeed Timing Gate System comes with a fully functional analytics platform powered by the industry leading athlete management system Smartabase and the analytics features come with your Smartspeed system at no extra cost.

That’s the difference between good and exceptional coaching.

What good is testing without tracking progress

The Athlete Report Card dashboard allows you to track specific metrics that are important to a specific athlete. You can view how these metrics are changing over time for your various teams, groups and individual athletes and also compare those values to other people in your squad. The dashboard can be setup and configured just the way you like.

Benchmark your sprint performance

The Sprints dashboard allows you to view detailed information about a single sprint session. You can see squad averages, specific placings of each athlete and also do granular detail comparison of an athlete to either the group or another athlete. You can add notes for feedback to specific athletes and print out the report to hand out.

The Smartspeed analytics feature also includes the Force Velocity Profiling which allows you to look at these two elements separately to determine which of these areas to focus on in training, in order to improve sprinting ability.

Jump session dashboard

Similar to the Sprints dashboard, the Jumps dashboard has been designed to allow you to view the results of a single jumps session using the Smartjump add on. Select the jump variables you are interested in and then compare a specific athlete or group of athletes to others in the session to see how they performed. Add notes and print out the report to give your athletes the feedback they need.

Evolve your coaching from good to great with Smartspeed

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