understanding the force velocity relationship 

An athlete’s sprinting performance is determined by a combination of their force and velocity capabilities. For decades, coaches and athletes have tried to find different ways of interpreting sprint results. Reaching accurate conclusions however usually involved costly lab equipment. The Smartspeed Force Velocity Profiling feature is a cost-effective solution to sprint profiling.


The Smartspeed FVP feature includes a protocol where you ideally run the FVP sprint over 40m using at least 4 gates. The more gates, the better. Try to ensure that the gates are at least 5m apart. Then complete the session as you would a normal testing protocol.

Identify if an athlete is force or velocity deficient

The Smartspeed FVP feature allows you to collect split time metrics and record the environmental conditions during your usual Smartspeed session. Utilizing a biomechanics model published by leading researchers*, Smartspeed FVP’s algorithm automatically determines the force and velocity profile of your athlete. You can then view your athlete’s results in the Smartspeed Analytics Athlete Report Card Dashboard for precise detailed analysis to help guide your training program and monitor changes in your athletes’ force velocity profiles over time.

*Please note that unless otherwise specified, none of the authors of published research contributed to the FVP algorithm. 


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