The Smartbase Kiosk App

You can configure your own kiosk application for athletes on our iOS or Android kiosk app. All clients have access to the Smartabase kiosk App which allows groups of athletes and tactical athletes to easily engage with the Smartabase Human Performance Platform in key locations such as weight rooms and training camps.


Wall mounted of mobile tablet data entry is a great way to provide simple data entry for athletes and staff throughout your facility. Record daily wellness, pre/post workout data and more for immediate athlete feedback.

Improve efficiency and compliance with our simple ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ feature for required protocols.

Fully featured questionnaire builder including sliders, body diagrams and more.

Hydration monitoring weight-in
and weight-out

Implement protocols monitoring hydration status, recovery modalities and more.

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Enhance your athlete’s experience with the Smartabase Human Performance Platform and Mobile Apps.