The smartabase dashboard builder

Since its launch in 2011, Smartabase has been world-renowned for its deeply powerful back end configurability, yet in the early years relying upon integrations with Excel and other tools for advanced reporting. Over the last five years, our attention has turned to focus on native, in-system reporting, evolving its data visualization capabilities to be the best in the human performance market.

This intuitive drag and drop visualization builder has been a game changer for Smartabase clients globally, allowing them to configure rich data visualizations at will, and change them anytime as needed. Put simply the Smartabase Dashboard Builder empowers our clients with a whole new level of configurability to drive engagement and bring data to life.

We also realise the benefits and familiarity of other tools which is why we have an open and integrated philosophy
PowerBI Reports

Smartabase can be connected to Microsoft’s Power BI desktop application.
Once the dataset is created in Power BI using a specially formatted request URL, Power BI then allows you to create reports and dashboards within Power BI which are based on live data stored in Smartabase. Resulting visualizations can then be shared amongst other Power BI users with appropriate permissions to view.

Microsoft Excel Reports

The Excel reports tool in Smartabase enables easy integration of Microsoft Excel functionality.
Use the Excel reports tool to generate a template containing data from your forms you want to report on. Template can be configured in Excel to include additional analysis, graphics and other customizations i.e. Excel pivot charts. Reports that are created with the Excel reports tool are able to be shared with other users so that other people can produce the same report if they wish.

Technology to support your big data reporting needs

Because we built Smartabase to be highly configurable it requires data to be stored in a loosely structured format. This is what enables you to create new forms and change them on the fly.

Some business intelligence platforms such as Tableau need data to be stored in a different format. The Smartabase SQL Analytics Connector coverts your Smartabase data in a simple format optimized for use with third-party tools, and also allows Smartabase to plug-in seamlessly to your organizations wider database environment.

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