Real integration does not mean importing

As the central hub a key role of any Athlete Management System (AMS) is to integrate all your other data. All AMS vendors will say they do this (of course) but be careful here, the devil is in the detail. Smartabase can import any data (literally), but that’s not what we mean by integration. Integration does not mean spending hours exporting data, cleaning it up and importing it. Integration means it happens automatically without you doing a thing.

Smartabase Integrations

Our powerful API enables a direct connection with industry leading apps and wearables.

We also have a robust uploader tool to import data via CSV, Excel, XML.

Popular 3rd party integrations:

Technology Connectors
Technology Connectors allow you to highly automate and extend your business processes using standards. 
We’ve created a few of these technology connectors especially for Smartabase.

R packages provide a clean, consistent method of deploying R code that facilitates maintenance over time in line with established and best practice software engineering principles. The R Connector & Package for Smartabase is an R package that provides an interface between the local R environment and Smartabase. R allows for a wide variety of statistical modelling.

Smatabase clients who deal with big data sometimes make use of data warehouses. The Smartabase Data Analytics Connector converts your Smartabase data into a simple format optimized to send to your data warehouse and then to be analyzed on third party tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBi.

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Experience true data aggregation with the Smartabase Human Performance Platform.