Flexibility and the ability to adapt to future needs are important, so choosing a configurable platform is critical. Smartabase’s powerful API enables a direct connection with industry leading apps and wearables for seamless integration. The intuitive dashboard builder allows for rich reporting displaying data from any data sets, with complete control over the final visual result.

There will always be new devices, new equations, new ways of looking at things.

Smartabase is designed to grow with your organization.

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New Research | Injury epidemiology in professional ballet: a five-season prospective study of 1596 medical attention injuries and 543 time-loss injuries
This research is a five-season investigation into injury epidemiology in professional ballet. We aimed to report the incidence rate, severity, burden, and aetiology of medical attention and time-loss injuries at The Royal Ballet.
Using the Academic Calendar as a Tool in Programming
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? I’d argue the collision looks pretty similar to when a strength coach gets their first look at the academic calendar for the year and it doesn’t match with their annual training plan.
How Asking Better Questions and Eliminating Siloes Makes Athlete Data More Useful
When athlete data management first started, wearables were still in their infancy, so there was a limited amount of information available. Due to restricted connectivity, this had to be collected and entered manually. Then as devices advanced and diversified, the amount of data greatly increased, and the main challenge became centralizing it on a single platform. Now we’re entering a third stage, in which the onus is on interpreting the data and making it actionable.