Fusion Sport wins ANZSTA Sports Analytics Award

Press Release, August 2018

Fusion Sport, creator of revolutionary sports technologies SMARTABASE and SMARTSPEED, has won the Australia & New Zealand Sports Technology Award (ANZSTA) in the Sports Analytics and Sports Data category.

Fusion Sport won the award for their project with the Australian Institute of Sport, a centralised Athlete Management System (AMS) delivered over a four year contract.

Dr Markus Deutsch, CEO of Fusion Sport, says,

“a key part of preparation for Australian athletes is data analysis.  We aimed to make a centralised, precise platform for data collection and analysis for all of the AIS’ athletes.

“The AMS was subsequently rolled out to the State Institute and Academy System (SIS/SAS) network, and five years on it has become a nationwide solution consisting of seven linked SMARTABASE sites which collect and share data across the country.

“The AMS has facilitated a never before seen level of collaboration and sharing across major elite sports institutions in Australia.  To have that work recognised and acknowledged is something we’re extremely grateful for.”

The ANZSTA remarks noted that the AMS serves 17,000 athletes, coaches, medical staff and analysts, and has collected over three billion data points on their performance.

They also acknowledged the extraordinary contribution of this data to new research initiatives and to the knowledge surrounding injury prevention and performance optimisation.

Due to the AMS, “the AIS has seen a 30-40 percent reduction in injuries, and as high as 90 percent reduction a year in some squads,” states the ANZSTA.

The AMS services 38 sports and monitors 45 high performance sporting organisations across the country, including Swimming Australia, Netball Australia and all other National Sporting Organisations.

“Fusion Sport is totally focused on improving performance in the safest, most efficient way possible,” says Dr Deutsch.

“We’ve created something exciting: a fully integrated, collaborative data sharing platform for athletes across Australia.  This award is really the culmination of a lot of hard work and careful thought.”

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