SMARTABASE GDPR Consent Template

Below is a preview of what the consent document will look like in SMARTABASE. You can download the template HTML and modify for your own use.

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Consent (Template)

I hereby consent to the following:

This agreement is a data processing agreement between [DATA CONTROLLER NAME] and myself.

I understand that [DATA CONTROLLER NAME] will be processing my personal data.

If I have any questions or concerns I should contact the [DATA CONTROLLER NAME]'s dedicated Data Protection Officer via the following details:


I understand that personal data may include special categories of information revealing racial or ethnic origins and data concerning my health or sex life.

I understand that [DATA CONTROLLER NAME] is lawfully collecting my personal data for the following purpose(s)

I understand and agree that my data will be stored securely with the latest encryption technology.

I acknowledge that my data will remain in the [DATA CONTROLLER NAME] software database for the period as agreed with [DATA CONTROLLER NAME]

I acknowledge that my data will be forgotten (in all back-ups and audits) within the agreed expiration life-cycle (normally one year after your data was deleted from the database).

I understand that I have the right to be forgotten and that on request to [DATA CONTROLLER NAME], all my personal data will be deleted from the database.

I understand my data shall at no time be transferred to 3rd parties without explicit prior consent. Authorized 3rd party tools are only used under agreement with [DATA CONTROLLER NAME] and in direct association with the purpose(s) described above.

The following is a list of 3rd party tools currently used to communicate and process my data:

Fusion Sport Ltd Pty as the sole provider of the Smartabase data management application.

Fusion Sport Ltd Pty operates solely as a Data Processor on behalf of [DATA CONTROLLER NAME]. Fusion Sport Ltd Pty does not collect or store any personally identifiable information about me other than for the purpose(s) as outlined above.

Reference: EU-GDPR (Est May 2018) Articles 6-9,13.