The University of Texas has been using the Smartabase platform for 3 years. The Texas Applied Sports Science team is committed to the application of the latest in human performance research for the enhancement of student-athlete health and development of which Smartabase is a key tool. Optimization of training and recovery through the use of individualized information produces greater performance improvement while reducing the risk of overtraining.

Currently the University of Texas manages data in Smartabase for hundreds of male and female athletes, covering a diverse range of sports.


Travis Vlantes from the University of Texas (UT) gives insight into how UT integrates all of their information systems into the one hub for their student athletes through Smartabase. Vlantes also talks about how Smartabase has lead to evidence-based decision making based on metrics such as performance and health data.



The Smartabase system has enabled the UT to bring all their departments together in one place to store and manage data and encourage lateral thinking across all departments, avoiding siloed information.

Director of Applied Sport Science Travis Vlantes explains why an AMS is key to bringing together technologies and departments.

“There is no one tool that’s going to tell it all. That’s why an AMS system is so important, it allows you to integrate several different tools together and see the bigger picture.”


The University of Texas uses Smartabase as their EMR as well as their AMS. This enables departments to house their performance and training data in the same place as their injury, health and nutrition information.

The Smartabase scheduling component is a critical as a part of the EMR system as it enables medical staff to book appointments in with athletes, then take notes directly in the system attached to that athlete.

This is highly secure and can only be accessed by the medical staff with permission, however summaries and ‘status’ updates on student athlete health or injuries can still be added, which feed through in real time to dashboards for coaches and performance staff.

The dashboard on the left shows a coach dashboard depicting each of their athletes in a given team and a quick summary of their readiness to perform. If a student athlete is injured and unavailable to play, they would be quickly identifiable by a red banner in their summary.

Housing performance and medical data in the one platform will ensure information is shared in real time with minimal downtime, and no department needs to look outside of the system in order to find information relevant to them.


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