New Widget Trellising Feature Available

by Fusion Sport
 | 23rd November, 2021

Smartabase now offers the Widget Trellising feature which allows customers to more easily and instantly compare data sets side-by-side and drill down into more detail. This feature is now a native part of the Dashboard builder so customers can create these types of visualizations on their own. The video below shows the Widget Trellising Feature in action as a GPS session analysis table is segmented by player position.

Combining the Dashboard Widget Library with Widget Trellising offers endless options to slice and compare your data. Let’s look at a few examples of when you might use this new feature.


Individual Availability Cards

Compare athletes or servicemembers against a given criteria, such as availability and compliance.

Widget Type used: Tile Widget

Availability Status Cards


Drill Performance

Compare how well your athletes or servicemembers performed in a given drill.

Widget Type used: Table Widget

Drill GPS Trellis


Position or Unit Analysis

Compare data by positions (e.g. Left Mid vs. Right Back), Units/Rank (e.g. Heavy vs. Light Infantry), or other group classifications.

Widget Type used: Table Widget

Positional Analysis



Recovery Modalities

Split and compare the effectiveness of recovery modalities for your team or group.

Widget Type used: Pie/Donut Widget

Recovery Modalities


More Uses

  • Primary Provider: Easily see who which provider is primarily responsible for a given athlete or service member to help with follow-up and consistency.
  • Research Cohort Comparison: Compare results of research subjects (e.g. who received a procedure and who did not).

These are just a few examples of how our customers have used the trellising feature. Can you think of other applications? If so, let us know in the comments below.


Want to learn more about the Widget Trellising Feature?

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