UK University Sports and Athlete Data Management

The UK universities sports environment is a stage for thousands of talented sportsmen and women to perform at the national level by representing their universities and progressing into senior international and elite-level sports at the World University Games and Championships.

Every year, over 5,000 teams undergo rigorous training and preparation before taking part in 120 championship events across the UK. Just like any high-performing sports environments – these athletes are looked after by teams of coaches and sport scientists as well as experts in Physiology, Nutrition and Psychology- for a thorough monitoring of their well being, physical testing standards, training and performance standards throughout their university sports career.

The demands of this environment require the universities to implement a technology both; user friendly enough for athletes to interact with, and advanced enough to capture a range of athlete data. In response to this growing need we have worked with top UK universities such as Cardiff University (CU) and the University of Birmingham Sport (UBS) to deploy our SMARTABASE platform in a university sports environment for athlete profiling as well as wellness, training and performance monitoring.

SMARTABASE now allows the University of Birmingham Sport (UBS) student athletes to daily self-report key information that UBS can then analyse to thoroughly monitor the wellbeing, training habits and performance of the students throughout the year. Each athlete exists in the system individually for personalised monitoring and as part of a group or team where applicable. This allows the creation and management of individual training programmes and performance standards in line with the athlete’s progression objectives while still managing the athlete as part of a team or group.

SMARTABASE’s capability to simplify the administering of complex group structures and processes has streamlined the management of scholars across 30+ sports, study year, gender and level. UBS has produced a detailed video outlining the Sport Scholarship system and how students access and utilise SMARTABASE in their daily routine.

For more information on how SMARTABASE can be used in the university or college environments visit our University and College Page.

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