Team NL Smartabase Pilot as part of the Digitization Topsport program

by Fusion Sport
 | 4th February, 2020

In Dutch top sport, a lot is measured and registered to contribute to the promotion of athletes' performance. In this context, unions, CTOs and NOC * NSF have used many different generic logging systems in recent years, as well as sport-specific measurement systems, sensors and analysis tools.

Everyone has developed his or her own system to on the one hand follow the top athlete over the long term in, for example, medical, physiological and / or mental areas. On the other hand, to set up training schedules and game tactics based on data to achieve optimal performance.

Due to the great variety in systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain and maintain an overview of all data concerning a specific top athlete. The currently available systems lack adequate options for integrated file management and data analysis that enable top sport to do more with the available information and data.

NOC*NSF e would like to provide targeted advice in the context of performance improvement, injury prevention and identification of future top athletes. That is why TeamNL started the Digitization Topsport program.

Best fitting athlete management system

The Digitization Topsport program is looking for the most suitable athlete management system (AMS). In the summer of 2018, workshops were held with different user groups (coaches, experts, athletes and many others). In the autumn of 2018, a selection process was started where four suppliers were ultimately selected for a demo day. These 'demo days' of the four remaining suppliers took place at the beginning of January 2019.

Pilot with Smartabase

The spring of 2019 will be dominated by the pilot, which we will start together with the programs of KNZB, Nevobo and KNSB. The pilot will run until the autumn of 2019. Lessons and experiences gained during the pilot will be included in the further rollout, which we expect to start at the end of 2019. Simultaneously with the Smartbase pilot, we are looking at how we can bring all data from sport-specific systems together as well as possible on a data platform.

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