Managing Player Identification Pathways for English Cricket

At the 2018 Fusion Sport European Human Performance Summit, Mo Bobat of the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) gave a fascinating presentation on utilizing Smartabase to manage Player Identification Pathways, with insights into the strategy behind creating high performing international cricket teams.

As Player Identification Lead, Mo is driven by a lifelong fascination with helping teams and individuals to realise their potential, accentuated by his formative experiences as a teacher and cricket coach.

Mo’s role as the ECB’s Player Identification Lead has seen him assume responsibility for ensuring that the right quantity and quality of players are selected onto the men’s International Pathway and into the England teams, using Athlete Management Platform Smartabase as a tool to organise and manage information, and perform data analytics.

The ECB use the Smartabase platform as a way of storing all their data in one place, and communicating across teams (the English Cricket Team, the Young Lions and U19s etc.) and with scouts, coaches and players. No data needs to be transferred between teams or lost as players move through the pathways.

For more on Mo Bobat and the impact he is having on English Cricket, we highly recommend a read of this article in The Telegraph.

To speak to one of our Sports Science and human performance experts on how your organization could utilise the Smartabase platform to manage athlete data and drive success, contact us now.

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