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Our professional development event in Melbourne with AFL Academies High Performance and Medical staff was a great opportunity to network with professionals that share our passion for driving human performance. With so many of our clients doing great things in the world of sport science, Daniel Lawson from the Cronulla Sharks and BaiMed Performance shared about his practical experience as a physiotherapist rehabilitating athletes and returning them to play after ACL Injury.

Daniel Lawson has demonstrated academic and practical experience in the sporting world. A co-author on the paper “Low chronic workload and the acute:chronic workload ratio are more predictive of injury than between-match recovery time”, and a long time team Physiotherapist, servicing the NSW Blues Rugby League (2010), Samoa Rugby League (2009-2011), and St George Illawarra Dragons (2008-2015). Daniel is now the Physiotherapist of the Cronulla Sharks, and is Partner & Physiotherapist of BaiMed Performance in Woolongong.

Interested in attending our next event? Join us for our nest workshop in Sydney on the 2oth October, 2018.

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