QRL use Smartabase to Monitor Player Wellness and Load During Covid-19

Fusion Sport have been working closely with Smartabase client Queensland Rugby League to assist with remote monitoring during the Covid-19 shutdown, efforts that have been captured in the below article from the QRL Maroons Women’s Rugby team.

QRL were quick to react to Covid-19 in March, implementing a Covid-19 symptom questionnaire and monitoring workflow for their athletes via the Smartabase Athlete App. View the app and workflow here.

Iso update: Harvey Norman Queensland Maroons

Written by Colleen Edwards, Wed 3 Jun 2020
This article has been clipped. To read the full article go to the QRL Website here.

The news of a confirmed date for this year’s State of Origin received a thrilled reception from members of the Harvey Norman Queensland Maroons squad, as behind-the-scenes, players and staff have all be working hard to be as prepared as possible to face off against New South Wales.

With Friday, November 13 locked in, the squad have a date circled in their diaries and know that the work they have been doing individually and as a team during isolation is about to pay off, with the chance to earn themselves a Maroons jersey.

While the cancellation of the inaugural BHP Premiership came as a blow, not only to the players, but also the Maroons coaching and support staff, attention quickly turned to how to make sure players were well equipped to handle whatever was coming next.

With athletes aligning to multiple teams such as the Jillaroos national squad and BHP Premiership clubs, Smartabase Athlete Management System has played a vital role towards monitoring player wellness and training load.

Leading physiotherapist Carly Jenner has been integral towards capturing this data via the platform and has provided important insight into the squads playing availability for all coaching staff.

Always looking to find the positives in any situation, the Origin delay has given some players the time they needed to recover from surgery, including captain Ali Brigginshaw who underwent two rounds of surgery after suffering a syndesmosis injury in a pre-season trial.

As well as noting player progress via Smartabase, additionally, the coaching staff of Jason Hetherington, Karyn Murphy, Nat Dwyer and team manager Jo Barrett have all been reaching out individually to players to check in and make sure they are keeping on track.

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