An Overview of Special Ops Prep Courses and Pre-Selection Programs |

by Fusion Sport
 | 27th April, 2018

A well-trained special operator is at the core of all successful missions in all branches of service. Becoming a special operator requires a rigorous screening process. However, each branch of service have their own preparation courses to give applicants who apply themselves, a better chance of succeeding. Special ops attrition rates are above 50-75% and that takes its toll, not only fiscally, but on the lives of those who train to become a special ops team member.

One of those courses is the Air Force Battlefield Airman Prep Course / PJ, CCT, TACP, SOWT Selection Courses.  Colonel Ronald Stenger is spearheading a highly technical training program using sophisticated monitoring gear (Smartabase) to better train, reduce injuries, and create more Air Force PJs, Combat Controllers, Tactical Air Control Party / JTAC, and Special Ops Weather Technicians with fewer applicants. They have successfully taken all the ideas of the above prep courses within SOCOM and developed a technologically advanced platform.  The goal -  reduce the 80% attrition rate by being smarter and more efficient.  The new 8-week prep course is conducted after Basic Military Training for all Air Force Battlefield Airmen candidates prior to their follow-on selection courses.