Navy commanders look to technology ensuring sailors get adequate rest

By John Wilkens, San Diego Tribune
April 9, 2021

New naval sleep guidelines went into place in December and instruct commanders to use watch rotations based on circadian rhythms, allowing sailors to work at the same time every day and to go to sleep at the same time. The guidelines also minimize disruptions caused by meals, announcements and other activities that in the past have been too rigidly scheduled in the morning or at night.

Sleep has often been considered the enemy of America’s armed forces, something to be conquered with caffeine, prescription drugs, or willpower. Now that may be changing.

The Pentagon released a report last month calling for a “culture shift” that recognizes adequate sleep as “a key component of readiness,” not an impediment. It recommended improvements in work schedules and battle plans, as well as the use of specialists known as “sleep trainers,” wearable sleep trackers, and behavioral counseling to ensure service members get enough shut-eye.

Read the full article at San Diego Tribune here.

The Essex recently left shore and are using Smartabase to monitor sleep and activity while aboard. Learn more about Smartabase and request a demo here.

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