Highlights from the 2019 NBA Draft Combine

Fusion Sport were proud to work with the NBA once again on this year’s G League Elite Camp and Draft Combine events in Chicago. The NBA Draft Combine enables the best of College Basketballers to demonstrate their abilities to NBA teams, coaches and scouts in their bid to be drafted into the world’s most elite basketball competition.

To assist in determining the best of the Draft hopefuls, the Fusion Sport team assisting in setting up and running a range of basketball specific drills to test speed, agility and reaction times. Using our Smartspeed Timing Gate System in collaboration with event partners BAM testing, Smartspeed accurately measures times for:

• 3/4 Court Sprint
• Lane Agility Drill
• Shuttle Run / Pro-Agility

Read more on the NBA combine drills here.

With the NBA’s new centralized data management system, Combine HQ,  our team were also able to post all the testing results to teams in real time using our Combine Kiosks. Fusion Sport assisted in streamlining the data collection process and ensured the Combine ran smoothly and provided teams with accurate results.

For more information on Fusion Sport’s Combine capabilities and on using Smartspeed for combine testing, contact our team now.

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Results & Highlights

Shuttle Run:

1. Jordan Bone 2.78
2. Devon Dotson 2.80
3. Carsen Edwards 2.82
4. Admiral Schofield 2.87
5. Dylan Windler 2.94

Lane Agility:

1. Jordan Bone 9.97
2. Kris Wilkes 10.39
3. Cody Martin 10.44
4. Kyle Guy 10.48
5. Cameron Johnson 10.52

3/4 Court Sprint:

1. Jared Harper 3.04
2. Devon Dotson 3.04
3. Tremont Waters 3.07
4. Jordan Bone 3.08
5. Jaylen Hands 3.12

Click here to view all testing results on the NBA website.

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