Charting the Future of H2F

by Fusion Sport
 | 6th May, 2022

By Dave Grant

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the Smartabase Military team. While we try to stay humble, the confluence of current events deserves special recognition because they represent a critical milestone in the maturation of the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) system.


On April 21st, we officially announced that Smartabase is operating at Impact Level 5 (IL-5) for one of our more than a dozen US military clients. This is the result of a multi-year relationship and thousands of hours of development and review, delivering the highest levels of security through our human performance optimization platform, supporting and maintaining the safety and privacy of those who serve.


On April 26th, the Smartabase team attended the H2F Industry Day and Exposition at Fort Eustis, joining almost 60 exhibitors, including six of our integration partners, in the largest-ever trade show in support of H2F. We were honored to be asked to present at this event, with Dan Duffield, Smartabase Global Solutions Consultant, addressing the impact of Spiritual Readiness on Soldiers and the outcomes a human performance optimization platform enables.


And on May 2nd, the US Army Applications Laboratory announced that our integration partner BridgeAthletics, along with CoachMePlus and Kitman Labs, will be joining the H2F community under a Small Business Innovation Grant (SBIR), extending the visibility and capability of the H2F program.


Taken individually, these are positive steps forward for H2F. Taken together, these are signs the program is building on the many successes of the last two years and preparing for an advanced data-enabled H2F System.



At Fusion Sport, we’ve believed for 20 years that data-informed decision-making is key to optimizing human performance outcomes. That’s as true for military as it is for sports. But there are significant differences in the value and outcomes for military applications – differences many off-the-shelf or sport-specific services don’t address.


The recent milestones represent a recognition that human performance data is the key to managing the health, fitness, and availability of our service members, both in the US and globally. It’s also a significant investment in and commitment to platforms like Smartabase that are purpose-built to meet the unique demands of the military.




That’s why I’m so proud of our team at Smartabase, and why I’m happy to welcome our colleagues and competitors in joining us in serving the Military. Through collaboration and competition, we will accelerate progress towards keeping the women and men who choose to serve their countries healthy.


Dave Grant leads the global Commercial team at Fusion Sport, covering Sales, Marketing, Human Performance Consulting, and Client Success.