Our Story

Founded in 2003, Fusion Sport is now recognized globally for our innovation in the human performance sector and for providing the benchmark analytics platform for the world’s leading athletes.

In 2003, Fusion Sport launched our first product, Smartspeed, a measurement device for tracking the speed and agility of elite athletes. Today Smartspeed is the Official Timing System of the CFL combine and has been the trusted technology utilized at NFL Regional Combines, NBA Draft Combine, and other athlete evaluation events globally.

Fusion Sport expanded its product range with the launch of the Smartabase human performance platform in 2011. Smartabase is designed to provide elite human performance organizations with a one stop shop solution for the holistic performance management of their teams. Highly configurable and capable of allowing the integration of other systems and wearables into its operations, Smartabase enables organizations to capture, manage, analyse, report and share data across the whole organization.

Fusion Sport continues to focus on innovation, product development and enhancements to provide human performance organizations across sport, the military and performing arts the ability to perform at their best.