Wireless Agility Training and Fitness Testing Systems

Leading the world in fitness testing and athlete assessment, Fusion Sport’s flagship product range, SMARTSPEED is a wireless system for agility training, speed testing, and speed training like no other.

Incorporating Fusion’s SMARTJUMP system for plyometric training and jump testing, the SMARTSPEED range is used in over 40 countries from Professional teams to school yards. This is the gold standard range that everybody knows and loves.


Customisable Sports Data Management and Analysis Software

The market leader in sports data management and analysis, SMARTABASE athlete data management software can capture all forms of athlete information in one place, online or offline, and use it to optimise athletic performance and health.

Get more from your athletes through optimising health, wellness, performance analysis and enhancement.


Online Video Hosting and Analysis

FUSION SPORT TV delivers cloud based video services for storing, sharing and analysing all of your video content, including videos captured by SMARTCAPTURE NEXT.


Our Clients

Manchester City Football Club (UK)

Liverpool Football Club (UK)

Manchester United Football Club (UK)

The Lawn Tennis Association (UK)

English Institute of Sport

Australian Institute of Sport

ASPIRE Academy (UAE)

Swiss Olympic Committee (BASPO Institute)


American Football Players tested with SMARTSPEED

Watch famous American Players tested with SMARTSPEED. They are submitted to various tests such as reaction time, acceleration & speed, deceleration, backward speed, reactive change of direction etc.

ESPN Sport science chose SMARTSPEED as it is the most accurate timing system in the world and allows them to realize many different kind of tests.

Improve Your Performance

Fusion Sport is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of cutting edge, professional athlete timing systems and sport analysis software. Our technologies are designed for monitoring, analysing and optimising sporting performance, speed & agility and the health of your athletes, students, club members and staff.

Fusion Sport for Speed and Agility Training

Fusion Sport sets industry standards. We are the #1 sporting systems and software company of choice for major worldwide organisations, educational establishments, private companies, sport training institutions, football academies and some of the world’s foremost professional teams and clubs.

Our flagship product, the SMARTSPEED timing gates, was well ahead of its time when it was unleashed upon the fitness market in 2003. Since then we have continued to anticipate the needs of the professional sporting world and stay ahead of the pack offering next-generation sporting equipment and agility training systems which are used in over 40 countries.

With our dedication to research, testing and all-around innovation our products are simply second to none. We continue to innovate, making leaps and bounds in hardware and software design, sensor accuracy improvement, intelligent protocols and more.

The Peak of Professional Sports Management Software

When using the SMARTABASE athlete management system you can be assured of the quality, security and excellence that is recognised by numerous national and international professional and semi-professional teams, clubs, organisations, institutions, schools and colleges acrioss the global fitness market.

Our SMARTABASE sports analysis software and database management packages allow you to organise all your data in a centralised, easy to use, information hub. Some of our SMARTABASE software clients include:

The Australian Institute of Sport

Sport Scotland

International Cricket Council

Canadian Athlete Monitoring Program

US Speed Skating

NBA teams and leading US Colleges

Triathlon Australia

Water Polo Australia

British Athletics

The Royal Ballet

Major AFL and Australian Rugby League teams

National and International Rugby Union Organisations

National and international soccer clubs including Liverpool Football Club


Red Bull

Numerous leading Universities and Research Institutes

And many more

Our SMARTSPEED systems measure performance and athletic ability in real time. SMARTSPEED is the preferred fitness testing equipment of major national and international football, rugby, and AFL sporting teams and clubs, as well as sport training institutions and organisations.

We cater to:

• Major UK football clubs including, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and many more.

• Major, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch football teams.

• Australian and New Zealand rugby league, rugby union and AFL teams.

• Health monitoring institutions worldwide.

• European, Asian and other sporting organisations.

• Sport academies and institutes such as the English Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, Canadian Sport Centres

• Australian and UK primary and secondary schools.

• Numerous international Olympic committees.

• Health clinics and private training organisations, colleges and universities.

• And many more

With such high-profile clients to our name we have a stellar reputation to uphold so you can rest assured our products exemplify the pinnacle of world-class standards.

Why Choose Fusion Sport?

Many sporting equipment companies have a tendency to produce unrelated products which have very specific functions and applications for assessing an athlete’s performance and ability, but fall-short of providing real-time feedback and clear solutions for improving performance and all-around capability.

At Fusion Sport we are focused on the big picture. We pour our energies into designing state of the art technologies which enrich users’ lives on an ongoing, steady basis so you see real results and improvement.

Dr. Michael G. Hughes, a senior lecturer of Sport & Exercise Physiology from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK swears by our first-class SMARTSPEED systems and is just one amongst many happy customers.

“Our students, coaches and researchers can acquire the ability to use SMARTSPEED in less than five minutes. We are extremely pleased with the equipment and it has opened up new dimensions to us in terms of sports performance, testing and research.”

Who Can Benefit from Fusion Sport Products?

The SMARTSPEED product range is primarily designed for institutions which require a high level of fitness ability from their personal, whether they are professional athletes, students or club members. Our SMARTABASE database management software systems extend even further into not only sport but also health and education sectors.

Whether you are at a professional team, school, university, Institute of Sport, or other centres of excellence, involved in semi-professional or professional sporting teams, are preparing for major sporting events, or are undergoing military training, our solutions will help you realise your potential by helping you get the most out of your training every day.

We have the user in mind when designing our products and understand that reliable and accurate, high-quality, robust products which are simple to set-up and use, are in high-demand within the professional and semi-professional sporting market.

These speed training systems can be used across the gamut of sporting activities. They are great for recording and optimising almost any type of workout including soccer drills, football drills, goal keeper training, basketball speed training sessions, athletics speed training tests, rugby speed training drills and so many more exercises.

Why not integrate these tools into your training programme to improve all-around performance and keep health in check.

Sports Management Software Solutions

If you are seeking a software package which will allow for easy information input, management, scheduling and analysis then you can’t go past our SMARTABASE packages. Originally developed as a sports management software system, SMARTABASE is now moving into a wide range of areas where customisable data management system is needed.

SmartaBase for Sport athlete management system is designed for athletes, coaches, managers and scientists to enhance performance, health and development of athletes through centralised data storage and information systems. Having all of your athlete data in one place allows you to make informed decisions based on accurate, actionable indicators in real time.

SmartaBase for Education is a database management software solution which can be used by diverse institutions and organisations including those involved in teaching, research and health sciences. It is designed for inputting and managing all your database information in one place to minimise confusion, maximise efficiency and ensure ease of use and accurate planning.

SmartaBase for the Arts is a database management software system intended specifically for the Performing Arts. This package offers a customised solution for consolidating all your database information in one place. From creating schedules, developing training programs, assessing risk and importing videos, images, documents and more, this solution does it all.

Agility Training Systems, Plyometric Training and Fitness Testing Equipment

If you require systems and devices which collect real-time data, measure performance, provide training optimisation solutions and ultimately enable you to fine-tune your work-outs and monitor progress, then our SMARTSPEED range is exactly what you need.

To see Smartspeed in action check out our Youtube SMARTSPEED video or for some more information peruse the mini SMARTSPEED information booklet.

We produce three practical, hard-wearing, accurate and reliable SMARTSPEED fitness testing equipment versions, each designed for slightly different needs. Whichever you choose, you can be sure you will get the most out of your testing and training with SMARTSPEED. Thanks to their wireless design and simple setup, it only takes a few minutes before each session before being able to launch into training.

SMARTSPEED Pro agility training and testing systems will allow you to completely overhaul your training regime. This wireless athletic timing gate system is recognised as the world’s leading speed training apparatus and takes only 5 minutes to set-up. The system measures much more than just how fast you can run. These devices can measure an athlete’s sport specific performance. The data is then used to vastly improve speed, agility, power and stamina. You can also choose from various accessories to maximise your athlete experience in daily training.

SMARTSPEED Lite is a scaled back version of SMARTSPEED Pro. This wireless agility training system is intended for testing big groups quickly and easily. It includes all of its big brother’s testing and integration elements, without the reactive training features. These speed gates are perfect for athletics and other multi-lane measurements, as well as combines and talent identification events.

SMARTSPEED PT is our most affordable speed testing system, intended for club and private coaching, schools and personal trainers. With simple set up and controlled by your mobile device, PT should be in every coach’s toolbox.

Our SMARTSPEED timing systems start at US $1,300. To explore which system is best for your needs view our comparison table, or take a look at our case study videos.

A Global Team Providing Global Solutions

Fusion Sport is a lot more than a fitness testing equipment company. Since 2003 we have grown to become a team of leaders in our field, providing integration fitness testing, agility training and athlete data management software solutions around the world. Our staff of 15 people includes over 30 undergraduate degrees, 4 Masters degrees, 2 PhDs and over 120 years of combined sport industry experience.

All of our products are backed by comprehensive support, social media, manuals and high quality tr4aining to ensure you get the most from our products.